UKISS comeback project

Hello KissMes,

sorry for this late post, but finally, our comeback project is here ^_^

As you already know, UKISS will make a comeback in Korea on March 7th, 2013. This time, it will be a full album, and it will mark AJ’s comeback to the group after 5 months studying abroad.

We know you’re very eager to work hard to make it big for UKISS this time. Us too :)

So, we hope you will support our comeback project and together we will try our best and do anything we can for UKISS.

Comeback project includes 4 components: streaming support section, calling for donation, streamer recruitment and CD order.

Please read more details below. 

1) Streaming technical support section

From February 26th - 28th, we will open technical support section, timetable as below, to help answer questions about streaming. If you find streaming confusing or have any problems with streaming, please feel free to contact us. 

Feb 26th: 1pm-11.30pm mainland Europe 

Feb 27th: 1pm-11.30pm East and South East Asia 

Feb 28th: 1pm-11.30pm North America (Central Standard Time)

Support language is English. 

You can send questions to our tumblr ask box, our email (, our Facebook ( or Skype (kissme.streamers).

Questions in Español, bahasa Indonesia, hrvatski jezik and tiếng Việt are welcome but please send them to our email address (

Another support section will be open from March 3rd-6th if needed.

2) Donation for purchasing streaming cards and digital songs

This comeback, we are able to get streaming accounts thanks to great help from Korean KissMes and Chinese KissMes.

We are raising fund to purchase streaming cards for those accounts and to purchase digital songs on Korean music sites.

According to our estimation, we need approximately 180 - 200 US dollars for this activity. If the fund is not used up, the money left will be saved for our next projects (rice wreath or next comeback). So please pay attention to this term before deciding to donate.

Donation of any amount of money is appreciated. 

You can request details about rice wreath project or how the fund will be used from us at any time, by sending emails to

If you want to donate money to our project, please kindly let us know how much you want to donate and your conditions by February 28th

We will reveal our paypal account on February 28th and donation will take place on February 28th and until March 1st (11.30pm KST).

3) Streamer recuitment

We would like to recruit KissMes for our Melon streaming team. If you:

_ can stream any 3 hours from 1am - 10am KST (daily or regularly)

_ have computers that run Windows 

_ and most important, commit to streaming

you’re welcome to join in ^_^

4) CD order

We’ve been in touch with this very nice and dedicated KissMe who lives in Korea. Her name is Rebecca. She is willing to help order CDs from CD shop in Korea which guarantees that orders will be counted towards Hanteo chart.

Rebecca will ship the CDs by post after ordering them, so shipping fee will be cheaper. Shipping fee varies depending on your locations. 

Fanbases/fansites are welcome to place your order here, we take orders as few as two CDs.

We’re also organizing bulk order for KissMes who live in the US. We will make another post regarding this.

KissMes in other regions, please feel free to contact us to discuss about ordering CDs.


Thank you for spending time reading this.


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